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Friday, October 31, 2008

growth quote...

"Growth is a rare phenomenon. It is natural, yet rare. When the seed has found its right soil, it grows. It is very natural; growth is natural but to find the right soil - that is the very crux of the matter."  -Osho, 1931-1990

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

making action...

"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy." -Dale Carnegie

Ways to make action:
1. Never stoop.
2. Be smarter.
3. Engage. Get involved. Make change.
4. Know that you can't change any one's way of thinking, but discuss your beliefs in order to continual sharpen your stone!
5. Pray!
6. Love the life you've got.
7. Turn off the news, FM radio and talk shows. Do your own research and decide for yourself!
8. Don't question yourself. Sometimes it's not you who's crazy!
9. Stay positive. 
10. Live your truth, even when people tell you you're wrong!

God Bless America!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

100 things about me...

1. I like staying up late and making good use of my best hours.
2. I love iced coffee... flavored, sweetened, with lots of organic non-fat milk.
3. I am blessed to have two parents whom I adore, respect, and enjoy spending time with.
4. I love my fiance.  He is so handsome, nurturing, interesting, creative, smart, fun, fair, unique, funny, talented and wonderful!  I can't wait to be married to him!
5. I love Mexican food.
6. I also love Vietnamese and Japanese food.
7. I love to bake.
8. I did pretty well in school.
9. I've got spunk and spirit.  I like that about myself.
10. I love God.  I have faith in this country.  I'm proud to be an American.
11. I've considered a career in politics.
12. I enjoy public speaking. 
13. I am passionate about leadership!
14. I might want to be a teacher some day.
15. I miss my Grandfathers.
16. Godiva is my favorite chocolate.
17. I love pink.
18. I collect antiques.
19. I like scrapbooking.
20. I like to make jewelry.
21. I love giving gifts.
22. I love to organize!
23. I take a ton of nutritional supplements/vitamins.
24. I love the autumn. 
25. I love to decorate.
26. I love the rain.
27. I love Christmastime.
28. I like to send people mail.
29. My favorite city is Boston.
30. I have a difficult time finding pants that are long enough for me.
31. When given the choice, I will always have dessert after dinner.
32. I love diet Dr. Pepper.
33. I love pumpkins.
34. I prefer cold weather.
35. I like to cuddle.
36. I am very blunt.
37. I clean when I'm stressed.
38. I don't love working out.
39. I heart cupcakes.
40. I have a charm bracelet from my childhood.
41. I like gum.
42. I love champagne.
43. I like my boss.
44. I like my coworkers.
45. I clip coupons.
46. I like to make lists for everything.  
47. I literally can't go anywhere without my planner.
48. I usually have more than one Christmas tree.
49. I feel security in having a stocked pantry.
50. I want a laptop.
51. I like make-up.
52. I use to raise sheep.
53. I'm a dog person.
54. I like playing sports.
55. I have a sharp tongue that I rarely hold.
56. I am fiercely protective my family.
57. I like bath fizzies.  
58. I like candles that smell like baked goods.
59. My closet is organized by color.
60. I like bags & purses.
61.I'm allergic to cats.
62. I like to journal.
63. I love photos.
64. I like floral patterns.
65. I like checking my mail everyday.
66. I like love songs.
67. I am part Native American.
68. I use to go to Disneyland every summer with my Grandparents.
69. I don't like or watch scary movies.
70. I collect vases.
71. I regularly donate used items, money and/or time to charities.
72. My best friend and I share the same name with different spellings.
73. I try to live a life of integrity.
74. I still need my parents.  I think they still need me to need them...
75. I have very few regrets about my life.
76. Cancer annoys me.
77. I still travel with my high school basketball duffel bag.
78. I like pens, markers, pencils, crayons, etc. 
79. I like snack foods.
80. My dad is the best cook.
81. I enjoy natural light and soft background noise.
82. I like sleeping in and laying in bed looking out of the window for as long as it takes to get out of bed... especially when its raining.
83. I really enjoy going to weddings.
84. I save letters people mail me... I'm sooo sentimental.
85. I have a good sense of humor.
86. I like the ocean.
87. Growing up I collected rocks, marbles, coins, sea shells, candy.
88. If I'm not out of control busy, I'm bored.
89. I like stimulating conversation.
90. I like the elderly.
91. I like the TV series Pushing Daisies.  It is so charming, weird and sweet.
92. I value Veterans!
93. I LOVE fresh fruit.
94. I really like to entertain.
95. I cry easily.
96. I like calendars.  I have five in my cubicle at work.
97. I have three magazine subscriptions.
98. I feel blessed... for so much!
99. I like fresh flowers.
100. I love life!!!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

my lovey...

I am betrothed to my college sweetheart and we plan to wed in autumn of next year.
Today, after seeing a play at our local community theater, I asked my Momma if she'd like to stop in for a few minutes to a boutique wedding dress shop to look. Delighted she asked if I had my camera. This would be the first dress looking excursion (much more exciting than the play we saw...) After parking near the shop, we realized the theater and the shop were literally a kitty corner block from one another. We laughed because it took us a while to navigate the one way streets and parallel parking. Butterflies danced with excitement in my tummy as we approached the door, the same way I felt yesterday as I saw my fiance walk down the stairs at a work function that he volunteered to film... He's so handsome! Closed: Sundays. Rats! 

Oh well, another time.

I work hard not to fall into that typical cliched bride, solely focused on how this life affirming day celebrates only her. The fiance and I have decided that this day is a celebration of those who love us too--not only me or me and him. When you start to think about this special day in that context, suddenly its so much more fun and less overwhelming!

I found an adorable pink and sliver glittered "Bride-to-Be" garland on sale a few weeks ago. I tied it to the head of my antique, iron bed. It is so sweet and fun reminder... like I'd forget!  ;)

Although the media is all doom and gloom with deafening news about our economy and the stress and chaos of the encroaching election are overwhelming, there are still blessings to count. There are still joys to enjoy. If you can and when you can, look for them. Humans are resilient. We will find our way through all of this. Have faith. Pray. Enjoy those you love. And live!

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