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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

it's all in the details...

Oh details!  I'm a detail person. I notice things. I notice little, insignificant things. That usually works in my favor, except when I see movies. I always figure out the plot 10 minutes in.

When I was still just a “twenty-something” dating J, weddings moved me beyond words. To tears, actually. And often. I knew what that moment, that commitment meant to me. And I knew that I would not take those vows unless I meant them. The kiss. The dance. The cake cutting. Her dress. The colors. The 100+ guests all in attendance just for “us.” And allllll those details!!  It is an unbelievably joyous thing. Magical, really!

J & I dated for over five years before making such a leap. I'm glad we leaped. When we got married, I bathed in the glorious plethora of details (and was often overwhelmed by them all too). My mom and I, loving party planning and crafting and pretty things, were put on this Earth to plan just such an event. It was exciting!

Almost three years later, all those details I fussed and focused on are distant and fuzzy. It's not that they don't matter. It's quite the opposite, actually. They mattered a heap! All those little details made up one of the best days of our lives... and kicked off the adventure of a lifetime too: our marriage!

Since then, attending weddings is an odd thing. Once you're married, and have been in the trenches, it's easy to see that the wedding really is just a day. A great day. But just a day. And kicking off your marriage in style, showing your guests who you are through the details is fun.  And now, I realize maybe I shouldn't have taken it all so seriosuly. Or been so stressed. And it's easier to enjoy someone else's wedding when you've been in their shoes and can appreciate the journey.

J & I appreciate all those details couples do to honor their guests and show their personal flair. And we talk about our wedding. How important it was for us to covet our families and friend.  Our people are our greatest treasures, and we worked hard to honor and appreciate every guest!  And we talk about what that day meant to us then, and still means to us now. We remember how some of our people put us first, made memories along side us... and others disappointed us and/or hurt us so deeply that our relationships with them changed indefinitely (side note: weddings, deaths and birthin' a baby really shows people's true colors, right!?!?). We talk about how grateful we are to have married each other, even when it's not perfect or easy. And we talk about the ceremony, the couple, the weather, and the wine. We talk about the food. And we always discuss the cake!  That's a biggy!  And we discuss allllll those details...!

On Saturday we attended a wedding in San Luis Obispo for a childhood friend, Bonnie. Every time I'm invited to a wedding nowadays, I feel overwhelmed with honor to have been considered important enough to celebrate the couple on their big day.  If you've been married, you know how tough making (and cutting) a guest list can be... And I was thrilled to have made the cut!  ;)

Bonnie was always that girl. You know, beautiful, smart, creative and athletic. Perfect. And yet grounded, kind, and sincere. She has an infectious smile and a cozy hug that lets you know you are important to her.

I met Beau while visiting Bon, and a few other high school friends, at Cal Poly during freshman year of college. Bon and Beau weren't dating then. But I remember thinking that Beau was handsome and sweet. And he has a great sense of humor and charisma.  Please like to be around Beau.

When they started dating after years of robust friendship, I think everyone had a collective sigh of relief. Finally! They are a match made in heaven. Equally awesome and totally deserving of the other!

As the big day approached, I remember thinking that I knew almost nothing about their plans for the wedding. That's usually the sort of thing I hound brides about because I love details and crafting and stuff. All I knew from inquiries early on in their engagement was that there would be succulents, rich shades of yellow and grey and candles on the tables. I also knew that Bonnie's momma, Mrs. Peterson, who was my Home EC teacher in middle school, was as equally creative as Bonnie, and that the day was sure to be perfect! And it was perfect!!

When the shuttle dropped us off at Tiber Ranch and we rounded the corner this is what we saw:
Gift & Card Table
Cards Here
Chalkboards Galore!
Framed Family Wedding Photos

Guest Book Table; More Vintage Influences
Polaroid Photo Guest Book... But the Camera Was Missing...
Programs & Wedding Mad Libs
Touches of Modern & Vintage, Like a Ladder with
Mason Jars for Water & Lemonade
Jars, Burlap, Stripped Straws & More!
Various Colored Poms!
The Bar & Plenty to Drink!
Pick A Seat, Not A Side
Seating Cards with Old Pix of Guests & the Bride or Groom...
PLUS a Hand Written Note of Love and Appreciation and
Table #; A Very Classy, Thoughtful Touch!
Kick Off Your Heels!
The Evening Cooled Off Nicely & The Blankets
Were One More Well Thoughtful Touch!
Table Settings with Succulent Centerpieces Grown By the Bride's Momma
Hometown Table... All Guests from Bon's Hometown!
Loved The Colors & Textures & Layers
Throughout Their Wedding
Head Table!
Burlap Banner: Mr. & Mrs.!
Cake Table
Bon's Momma Made The Cakes... Carrot!  Sooo Yummy!
And then, the ceremony started.  This alter was made by Bonnie's step father, Ralph, who is such a nice person!  And look at that beautiful view:
The Stage Is Set
And here comes the lovely, lovely bride and her father...
Here She Comes...
Let's just be real.  I always cry when I see the bride.  It is an emotional moment.  But the groomie had already been moved to tears as he lovingly bear hugged every single attendant as they reached the alter.  And I was pretty much crying with him from the start.  So when I saw Bon, I wasn't just crying, I was a hot, hot mess.  Sniffles. Snot. Running mascara... She was stunning!

The ceremony was deeply personal to the couple and their families.  There were many moments that moved me to an even weeper mess.  Out of respect for the sacredness of those moments and to the couple, I'll leave it at that.  Let me just reiterate, everyone near by was sobbing... with joy!

And then, Beau got to kiss his bride!
You May Kiss The Bride!
Stealing Another Kiss
Over The Moon to Be Married!
They were so adorable and so happy!  I snuggled up close to my honey, even though it was hot, and gave him a little smoochy too!

While the lovely newlyweds were taking photos, so were we!
Coco, Lizzy, Lindsay & Amers
Amers & Lindsay
Mrs. Peterson, The World's Sweetest Person, EVER! And one of my favorite humans!
Lizzy & Josh
Chris & Amy
Jason, Corey & Bump
And enjoying appetizers and cool beverages.
Lizzy Eating Apps!
Coco & Bump Enjoying Lemonade
And after a tasty dinner, served family style, and very touching speeches (which moved me to hot-mess-ness, again), it was time to dance the night away, beginning with the father/daughter dances, the mother/son dance and the couples first dance.
Bon & Her Dad
Bon & Her Step Dad
Beau & His Momma
The Beautiful Newlyweds
J & I danced, danced, danced and had sooo much fun!  And upon returning to our hotel room in the wee hours of the morning, we had another chat about the evening, about the beautiful couple and all those pretty, thoughtful details... and about our memories from our own wedding too.  Magic!  Pure magic! What a perfect wedding and a perfect weekend!

Also, let me just say that I fully acknowledge the condition of my photos.  These were taken with a 5 year old point and shoot that has been dropped at least once a year.  I am actively dreaming about a nicer camera.  Like the philosophy of The Secret, I'm floating it out there.  Maybe Nikon will magically send me a camera on trade for a lengthy review here on my blog.  Stranger things have happened.  Anyway, thanks for reading and enduring my okayish photos. ;)

Sweet Bean


  1. Lindsey, thank you for capturing all these really great ideas! I have been to a lot of weddings as well and it is always fun to see something new a creative bride has put together for their special day.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed them, Vicks!

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  3. Wow! That wedding looked divine! Very very pretty! and i hear ya on the camera, EVERY year i say i am going to buy one and then i don't. My camera is my phone...lol

    1. best camera you can buy is the one you'll use. My phone is my primary camera b/c it's always by my side. :) But, I do think this might be the year I finally get a nicer camera... we'll see! ;)

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  5. Nice blog! Thanks for reminding me how crucial it is to make each guest feel important at my wedding.

    1. I hope your special day was perfect & full of lovely, personal details!


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