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Monday, August 06, 2012

falling in love with fall...

I celebrate my love affair with fall. 
Seems like we've been falling in love with each other for as long as I can remember.
There is nothing I don't love about the season... except that it's only seasonal, of course.
As Fall approaches, the weather starts to shift. 
It turns hot, dry summer days into a casual, still warmth. 
There is a richness in the air.  Not heavy, though. 
The evenings are breezy, but not cold.
The sun's light turns from bright white to saturated and golden.
The leaves changes from green to gold... and gold to brown.
The summer's hard work results in bright orange pumpkins.
And it's time to make our pick!
We pick a few big ones for carving.
A few small ones for decorating.
And pose by fence full of pumpkins or a scarecrow to feel inspired.

 And even bringing Penny to the patch, who felt inspired by all the new smells!
It's our annual thing.  Has been since I was knee high.
All because we love pumpkins and Fall so much!
Then there's the carving of a jack-o-lantern.
Everyone has their own technique.
For me, it's picking the perfect pumpkin.
Full and heavy.
Round. Or oval.
And it must have an interesting stem.
Stems usually cost extra.  I don't mind.
I don't even mind that Pen's first pumpkin doubled as a chew toy.
Then you just gotta dig in.
Cut a hole in the top. 
Scoop out the innards with your hands.
Smell the flesh. Squish it between your fingers.
Gotta getta little messy, you know?
Draw on the perfect face and bring your pumpkin to life.

Put a candle in the middle and light it for the trick-or-treaters to message: WE GIVE GOOD CANDY!
And of course it isn't Fall without sweets and treats!
Making white chocolate truffles with my Poppa.
(He hates having his picture taken. But loves me enough to tolerate a quick pic.)
And the summer's harvest lends itself to ample apple desserts. 
Momma's favorite: apple pie.
Apple season reminds her of her childhood.
Her Momma making pies. 
Working the Pie Loon as a teenager.
Her own long-standing love affair with Fall.
And treats.
Like making caramel apples with my cousin, Ally!
Or having a pumpkin beverage and pastry at our favorite coffee shop!
Another annual tradition!
A sweets & treats costume party for my girlfriends. 
I made them dress up. No entry without a costume, actually.
Costumes are fun. 
I love to be creative. Think outside the box.
I'm not a store bought costume kind-of-a-girl.
I though angel food cake was unique.
Marshmallow Queen on the left (awesome!) and Mother Nature on the right!
My Mother Nature costume was recycled from that one time Hubster & I were Jack & The Beanstalk.
I was the beanstalk. All green.  Even died a pair of jeans green and made felt leaves.
 And a pumpkin.  Pen was a banana.
Momma was a candy corn!
And one year a witch!
Fall makes me excited to decorate.
I love to decorate!
Welcome Fall in style!
Fall brings a visit from the The Great Pumpkin.
He always brings a little treat for his favorite gals!
He's been bringing treats my whole life.
Always in late September or early October.
And once with a map.  "X" marked the spot.  My always Poppa did the digging!
The present is different every year. And usually something homemade by Momma.
It's a tradition I look forward to all year!
Fall makes me nostalgic and a little melancholy.
It reminds me of my childhood.
It reminds me of growing up playing sports.
It reminds me of meeting my best friend, Lynsey, playing basketball.
When?  In the Fall!
And it reminds me that I am so lucky for such an amazing best friend.
She tolerates me. Laughs with me. And even laughs at me.
And the Fall reminds me of my other best friend, Jason, who I married in the October nearly three years ago.
We had a white pumpkin wedding, outside.  It was 80 degrees.  And beautiful!
And now every year we are blessed to celebrate our anniversary in the Fall.
Our Vietnamese wedding anniversary with Pho.
Our first wedding anniversary on the coast.
Eating pumpkin, chai, and ginger flavored ice cream.
And touring a rhododendron garden.
Although, I think that's just a daisy.

Fall is also when Penny, a two month old ball of fuzz came into our lives.
She is our world!
Speaking of babies, my best friend Lynsey had her son in October 2010.
Mason is smart and fun and spirited!
I love having him as my nephew and I love being his Mimi!
I love seeing Lyns be his Mommy!
She's a really, really good Mommy!
Mimi made Mickey Mouse cupcakes and a Mickey smash cake for his 1st birthday.
His party was so fun!
Fall makes me grateful for my family.
Family is everything.
Celebrating my brother-in-law's birthday in late October.
He loves to cook and drink.  He's fun!
And it makes me excited for Thanksgiving.
Playing Bingo with in-laws after dinner.
Not always eating turkey.  Sometimes it's chili crab!
And that's my new Thanksgiving tradition.
Lots of drinking and laughing and seconds.
Lots of love! 
And great sister-in-laws.
Linell never forgets to bring a tube or two of crescent rolls for me, because she knows I miss them at our Asian Thanksgiving.
Her thoughtfulness means so much! So does their friendship!
And it means a Friday Thanksgiving with my family.
Sometimes at our house, and very simple.
And sometimes at my parent's house with lots of friends and family.
And gourmet fixins'!
And Catch Phrase tournaments.
They always make J & I be on different teams.
We always tell them our other family is way better at Catch Phrase.
It's a spirited tournament, to say the least!
Team 2... my Poppa & all the girls!
And fall means it's almost time for my Grandma to come for Christmas!
Uncle Rick calls her "Thanks, Givin'..."  An Inside joke from our Thanksgiving birthday boy!  ;)
And, a really great Uncle.  
Grandma aka "Thanks Givin'," brings cookies when she comes for Christmas. And stories!
And always takes her four grand kids for lunch.
A date with Grandma! Every year!
I love her!

But mostly Fall makes me reflective and grateful for my blessings.
Traditions: pumpkin shopping, the Great Pumpkin, two Thanksgivings, two anniversaries, and lots of birthdays.
We are tremendously blessed with wonderful family!
And a happy, happy home filled with happy barks and scattered with Penny toys.
With dinner cooking in a crock pot and endless laundry running in the garage.
And the humorous jokes from Hubster.
His kisses on the cheek.
His compliments.
His big heart.
I am blessed always! And especially grateful in the Fall!
Oh boy am I excited Fall is almost here...!!!



  1. Not sure why i am all misty eyed at my desk right now... This was the longest, best post EVER !!! I love Fall too...it really is the best! BTW- I want to dress in costumes with you and attend a halloween party...lol. I LOVE dressing up for halloween and love your angel food cake costume. :)

  2. OMG! So good to know! You are def. added to future guest lists of any and all costume parties!!! :)

    Thanks for all the love on this post too. It is a little long... Thanks for getting through it! My little love letter to Fall! :) With all the heat we've been having, it makes me even more anxious for the weather change!! Miss you and love you!!!

  3. i miss you and love you too!! AND yes, if it is a costume party or a party involving games or food or whatever...i am there!!! hee hee :)


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