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Monday, August 13, 2012

sunburn solutions...

Well, it happened.  I got sun burnt.  Badly. And it freaking hurts.
Spare me the obvious: "You should have worn sunscreen!"
Yes, I know. I know! I KNOW!!!
The thing is, I have been an avid sunscreen wearer my whole life.  I usually own more than one in-code tube at a time.  I prefer 100 SPF for the face, but I use it on my whole body.
I'm fair skinned.  I know better than to not protect myself. And I  generally avoid the sun when and where I can anyway.
But not on Saturday.
On Saturday I was rushing to get into a canoe along side our family who was already headed down the river...
I screened up everywhere but my lower stems.  I forgot.  BOY do I regret that.
And so, I have what is the worst sunburn of my life.

On Saturday night my legs were radiating heat.
Immediately after getting out of the boat I applied aloe vera too!
I googled "horrible sun burns." One recommendation was taking a baking soda bath.  I tried it.
Lukewarm water and two cups of baking soda, and nothing.
I couldn't sleep.  They were throbbing.  And the aloe I applied after the baking soda bath kept sticking the to sheets all night... so, consequently, I was peeling my legs off the sheets all night in misery.
That sucked.

Sunday morning was worse.  I could hardly walk.  My skin was so tight.  Sitting down or folding my legs was unthinkable.
I was doing awkward, silly dances in my undies for my hubby.  He just laughed.
More google searches and a few pins later and I was feeling inspired to brave the 102 degree heat to run to my favorite drug store, CVS.

Oatmeal bath packets, 8 for $6.
A second tube of aloe, this time bright blue and "soothing" with Lidocain, $3.
A small bottle of Ibuprofen, $2.
Vitamin water to stay hydrated, $1.
Shaving cream to fantasize about a time when I will once again be able to shave (sigh!)..., $1.99.
Spray bottle for the black tea's tanic acid, $2.
Relief: Priceless... but none yet.

Yes, two days later, my legs (of course just the insides, so the outer half of each leg is milky white) are still hue of steamed lobster.

Yea, I tried it all... except taking a miserably hot shower... as hot as I could stand.  Some people, in my google searching, said that opens the pores and releases the heat.
Wholly heck no!
I could barely tolerate the lukewarm baking soda and oatmeal baths.
So, here I sit with recently applied aloe, on top of the sheets, air conditioner and fan on, still red, hot and in pain.

I guess I can't say all the things I tried didn't help... but they weren't the miracles I was hoping for.

So yes, thank you for the afore mentioned advice.  Yes, I will wear sunscreen next time.  Or I'll go out in a full body wet suit!  Whatever. It. Takes!!!!

Happy summer... is it freakin' Fall yet?!?


  1. Omg. I hear ya! I HAVE been there before and do NOT want to be there again. I do hope that u are feeling better now. :( Sorry Linds....

  2. Day 4 and my skin is a little bit red, but very tender. I'm still applying aloe... Hanging in there! ;) Thanks for the love, Heidi!!!


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