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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

a county fair bridal shower...

Beautiful dessert table with treats galore
Back in April my mom and I hosted a bridal shower for a dear friend. She and I have so much fun working on projects together.  Our work styles and planning styles are compatible enough to work together smoothly, but in contrast enough to challenge and support each other brilliantly. And we build on each other's ideas too... so something small becomes something amazing!  My mom is super talented... so I am always happy to work with her and learn from her!

This little beauty started with just a particular shade of pink, and ended with a gorgeous county fair themed affair!  The evolution was really something.  We are really quite proud of how it turned out... and we should be proud! It took hours and hours of homemade crafting, shopping, staging and re-staging to hit the sweet spot... not to mention the financial investment. Doing a party right costs some serious cash!  Anywhoodles, just wanted to share a few Instas from the day:
Rather than cake, we served pie because the bride likes pie!
It's allllll in the details 
Pink and brown goodness
I should mention that the bride did enjoy herself, and it seemed all the party guests did too!

Happy day!



  1. holy crap Linds!! This is AWESOME!!!! I love the whole theme and everything!


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