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Friday, August 23, 2013

celebrating life sweetly...

I celebrated my Grandfather's 86th birthday this week.  He's been gone 6 years. I miss him everyday... and intensely around the holidays.  Grandpa was old school.  Slow. Patient. Kind. Honest. Pure. And he had a certain clairvoyance about his purpose, and his destiny.

When he was diagnosed with a cancer that most people don't beat (and usually die from within months of diagnosis), Grandpa approached the end of his life with conviction. It was clear he would do whatever it took to prolong his life, and enjoy what was left.  He enjoyed 14 months after his diagnosis, mostly good and enjoyable days. One more birthday, one more Thanksgiving, one more Christmas, a new year, Easter and countless memories as a family.

Although I saw some things I try to block out of my memory in that 14 months, my Grandpa taught me and showed me (and the rest of my family) so many beautiful things. He showed us how to approach death with grace and courage, and how to look at the finite amount of time as an opportunity to make memories, make peace, get things in order and say goodbye. He was a champion through treatments. Lots of treatments. He was never fearful of death. He knew his maker would call him home, and the peace he had in that wisdom was his greatest example of how to truly live in your final days. When he did settle into a coma and start to slowly journey to Heaven, he brought us all together again, even an Uncle who hadn't been around the family for over 20 years. My Grandpa was a blessing to us all his whole life, especially at the end of his.

Happy birthday, Grandpa!

To honor and celebrate his life my momma and I have an ice cream cone every year on his birthday.  He loved ice cream, especially the homemade recipe my Grandma makes, and then everyone would take a turn cranking the old fashioned ice cream maker.  This year my momma was traveling for work, so I had a cone by myself. It tasted soo good. I cried thinking about him, missing him... Some things change you forever. Losing my Grandpa changed me. I take great comfort in knowing he is at peace, and having a good time in Heaven.  He always did like to chew on the fat... and in Heaven I'm sure his days are comprised mostly of meeting and talking to others, only now Grandma can't nag him to get back to his yard work!

I love you always, Grandpa! I am so honored to be your granddaughter, and I thank you for the countless gifts you gave to those you loved!  You were truly an amazing man, and your legacy lives on!



  1. Jennifer Dollar9/2/13, 10:35 PM

    I've been following your Pinterest boards for awhile, but have just now discovered your blog. Looking forward to reading more! Happy Birthday to your Grandpa...what a neat way to remember/celebrate his life. :)


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