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Thursday, October 24, 2013

happy, happy anniversary (belated)...

A few weeks ago my hunny & I celebrated our wedding anniversary.  We're lucky enough to celebrate two anniversaries since we had a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony, also an traditional American wedding too!  So one week we reflect on the Tea Ceremony as we sip a big bowl of Pho, Vietnamese noodle soup, and the following week we have a fancy, tasty dinner. Then we go home and watch our wedding video. Every anniversary! I love that tradition! That was a wonderful day...!

There's something magical about these two dinners, and I'm sure other couples can relate.  The set-aside time to sit, enjoy a meal and reflect our our lives together, and our growth in marriage is really something I treasure.  This year my husband had a co-worker make me a custom card, complete with the things I love, like elephants and cupcakes and glitter, and also the theme of the 4 year anniversary, fruit and flowers. It was really sweet.  He also writes the nicest messages in cards. I treasure those messages, because over the almost ten years we've been together, they piece together the story of us.  We're not that goopy, never-fights, always perfect couple--far from it, actually.  But I've heard friends say that they admire our realness... and I guess I do too, because it's really all we know how to be. 

I will say, that in the last four years, he & I have struggled so much.  And not just as a couple, but as people, as professionals, and friends to each other and in other friendships. We've struggled with a myriad of things and situations. We're not unique in this struggle. We all struggle.  But, I think you know that other person is continually and eternally your "one" when each morning you both square up, dust off and continue to love and support each other... and that's sometimes the hardest part.

To my husband, who always finds the most adorable way to tell me I am pretty every morning, I thank you for loving me when it's been absolutely impossible at times. God made us perfect matches for each other--to challenge each other, to grow up together, and to be each other's softest landing. I cannot imagine my life without you, and after almost ten years together, I love you more every second, and I think you get more handsome every day.  You are my world!

To Many More,


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