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Friday, November 22, 2013

update: fall bucket list...

SwEeT bEaN's FaLL BuCkEt LiSt:
tHiNgS i CoMpLeTeD: 
  • Go pumpkin shopping with my Momma
    Pumpkin Patchin' It
  • Enjoy pumpkin treats like a pumpkin scone and a pumpkin latte… and pumpkin ice cream too
  • Exchange Great Pumpkin gifts with my Momma (the original Great Pumpkin!)
GP Made Sweater Pumpkins
Caramel Apple, With Nuts!
  • Buy a cozy sweater
  • Decorate for fall, which I always do on August 1st or 2nd
My Hutch
  • Fill a basket for trick or treaters (and not eat it all before Halloween!)
  • Bake something pumpkin flavored
  • Make a Halloweenie craft
  • Buy & burn a yummy fall flavored candle
  • Send Great Pumpkin gifts to my nephew, mister Mason and my Goddaughter, miss Ella Jean (but don’t tell them that I’m their Great Gumpkin, it’s a secret!)
  • Dress Penny in her pumpkin costume, just for fun
Penny Lobster & She Hated Every Minute of It!

  • Dress up for Halloween & wear my costume to school
I Made My Students Talk To The Bat Instead of Me!
  • Drive around an look at the leaves changing
  • Take a evening walk to enjoy that crisp Autumn air
  • Request a few fall inspired items from the library
sTiLL tO dO (oR mAyBe NeXt YeAr):
  • Attend my town’s annual harvest festival where giant pumpkins are weighed
  • Host a Halloween party
  • Carve a pumpkin with Hubster & Pen
As the Autumnal season winds down, I guess I'm okay with what bucket list items I completed, and even those I didn't. October turned out to be one of the worst/hardest months of my life... bummer, because it's my favorite month.  That makes it easy (and a little necessary) to jump into the Christmas season with joy! I need something happy and positive to focus on!  So goodbye October!  Hope next October is a whole lot better!



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