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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

are you a "divergent" strengths finder...?

Like many of you, I read the book the Divergent and then saw the movie. It seems like a fictional portrayal of the future OR could it be a reality of our present day? I have to question if we are already living in factions?

It all came together for me while I was traveling for my job in Australia. I was actually reading the book, Divergent, while walking in an airport. I quickly realized that I was bumping into people and getting annoying looks.

In American culture, we drive forward on the right hand side of the street. Subsequently, people walk on the same side as they drive. I looked up and realized the frustration on the faces of some Aussie's when I walked on the wrong side of the hall. I felt like Tris when she tried to become "dauntless" by changing her behaviors. So, I quickly moved to the other side acting like that was my norm.

My foreign exchange student from China is raised with the cultural expectation to study and appreciate knowledge. She is devastated with any grade less than an A. She confessed to me that she loves American education because her Chinese culture is too much pressure for many teens her age.

See, we are conditioned to act and communicate within our cultural norms. Factions could be considered like different stereotypes, personality labels or underling expectations.

This is why I love Gallop Strength Finders! No one is just like you! The possibility of your Top 5 Strengths having the same order as someone else are 1 in 33 million!! Here is your opportunity...You can choose to be a "divergent" communicator and thinker. We do not have to get locked into one way of seeing people in the world. Be thankful for living out your strengths where "divergent" thinking is allowed and honored.

You can appreciate the differences of others strengths. This just might be the beginning of true peace. Dare to be different and walk in your unique talents and strengths.

Strongly yours, 

Cara Lane
Communication Coach 

Cara Lane can be summed up in two words = infectious enthusiasm. Cara’s high energy, expressive style will be a joy to your learning on life. She has won the hearts of people and has become known nationally as “America’s Speaker Sweetheart.” She has also toured the world and has become an internationally known motivational speaker and trainer. Cara Lane is the award winning top trainer for the world’s leading seminar company. She's a leader an ambassador for Weight Watchers. Cara has given over 10,000 hours of instruction on communication training. Check her out at here!
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