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Saturday, December 05, 2015

holiday gift guide...

Man, the holidays are upon us once again! This year, with a brand new baby, I find my time is short, and thus my time for Christmas shopping is too!  I'm teaming up with aftcra to bring you some beautiful gift ideas to help you (and me) save time, and find the perfect things for everyone on your nice list! 

Have you heard of aftcra, the beautiful e-commerce marketplace?  It's similar to Etsy but features delicious, beautiful handmade goods exclusively made by artisans in the USA! 

aftcra = handmade:
made by an artisan & made in the USA... meaning a whole heck of a lot of unique gift ideas for birthdays, house warming parties, and most especially for this Christmas and Chanukah season! 

Here's a few beautiful things I found while exploring aftcra:

Take a stroll through aftcras' gorgeous e-commerce marketplace! You'll love what you find! 

Happy Holidays!


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