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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

on a mission to collect ordinary moments...

And To Be Thoughtfully Happy For 100 Days In A Row!
If you read my last post, you already know that the last twelves months have held the highest highs and lowest lows of my life... I'd be lying if I said I came through it well (or that I'm "through" it at all).  The what-ifs and questions played on repeat like a skipping record in an abandoned house... And then one day an acquaintance posted on Facebook about taking the #100happydays challenge. Intrigued, I read up and I instantly jumped on board (and a few other friends joined the challenge with me!).

Not to be epic, but sadness and disparity aren't good for my soul. I don't enjoy those emotions. I try my best to be upbeat and humorous. It's just as easy to miserable, but far less healthy. #100happydays was, initially, strictly an opportunity to simply notice blessings... but along the way, believe it or not, I slowly started to feel better too. And it's not that I'm giving this challenge 100% of the credit for my emotional recovery. But, I did need to start noticing my blessings and what things, grand and small, that truly make me happy. So, every single day for 100 days I posted a picture or two of what makes me happy... And it turns out that between that and my daily gratitude journal, I am able to recognize and appreciate happiness again.  Since, I have decided to shoot for 365 days of happiness... A full year of thoughtful attention to my greatest personal resource!  Here are a few highlights of happiness (in an no particular order b/c of editing challenges!):

Day 11.2 | Dinner! So fresh & so clean, clean!
Day 5.2 | Seeing her nose and ears flying in the wind,
driving in the country... Pure happiness!
Day 5.3 | Sunsets make me happy, and nostalgic!
Day 15 | Nature!
Day 77 | My very handsome, creative, kind nephew 
Mason  & I got some one on one time this morning! It 
included a tour of his backyard, a dance party for two
to Happy, racing fast cars, playing golf in the kitchen,
swim lessons, chasing a squirrel and playing
 frisbee with Penny! Best morning ever!!
Day 14 | Gratitude & happiness are interchangeable
for these two! Literally, the two halves of my heart!
Day 26 | Spring break means sleeping in, furry
snuggles, Red Box movies in bed while
scrapbooking (subject: Penny) and coffee
throughout the morning! Alllll kinds of happy
Day 23 | Playing Easter bunny & delivering 500 
eggs to the Children's Home that my students stuffed
 with love & joy!! My heart is full!
Day 20 | Momma brought me a vase full flowers from 
her garden! And I get to keep the vase! 
My lucky, happy day!!
Day 18.1 | Longtime friends and mini college reunion
Day 18.2 | Babypalooza! Yesterday was a fun (tiring) 
day with all our college friends!
In short, I highly recommend you take this challenge.  Life is beautiful! Notice it! You can post photos to Facebook, Instagram or any other photo sharing social media outlet... and it's rewarding!



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