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Friday, July 20, 2012

baby boy shower...

Sometimes I feel like an imposter.  How did I become a grown up who does grown up things?

     Decide my own bed time.

     Buy what I want at the store and eat what I want for dinner.

     Have sleepovers every night with the man of my dreams.

     Treat myself to something with my own money.

     Say what I want and deal with the consequences.

     Talk about marriage with my girlfriends at coffee on a school night.

I love being a grown up, but it's surreal to be at this place in my life.

It feels surreal to see my girlfriends starting families.  We don't feel old enough for that either.  Hosting an actual embryo in my body... birthing a real human.  Are you kidding me?  That ain't for armatures!  And I for sure don't feel old enough for that... nor am I ready for all the pain and blood and needles and stuff.  Deep breaths...

My friend Corey is pregnant.

She's due on her birthday.  Cute.

Corey and I have been friends since we were toddlers (and both natural blondes).  Side note, why does our hair get darker as we get older?

I've always loved Corey's spirit.  And her laugh.  She has never taken life too seriously, which I struggle with daily.

Meanwhile, I'm the girl who watches sad movies to cry, even when I'm not particularly sad.

Corey is the girl who plays on rec-volleyball teams, has three dogs, and wears fun clothes.  She has effortless fun.  And soon she'll have effortless fun with a brand new baby boy... and show him how to live a little!

A few high school girl friends hosted Corey's shower.
Baby Shower Planning Committee
I've know Shan since childhood too.  She grew up living next door to Corey.  The three of us went to preschool, elementary, middle and high school together.

Pre-algerbra and volleyball in 6th grade.
Brownies.  4-H.
Volleyball and basketball.

We spent lots of time together as kids.

We met Shelb & Lizzy in middle school.  The five of us played volleyball in middle and high school together.  We played competitive club volleyball together for years.

We took our senior trip to Hawaii together.

 We were the girls who didn't break rules.  We towed the line.  Got good grades.  Followed the rules and still do.  Imbibing before a shower with my childhood friends was also surreal.  When did we grow up...?
Strike that.  We will never grow up!

Never Grow Up!
 These girls are like old shoes that fit like a glove.  And even though we've grown up and evolved, we still enjoy a friendship.  And lucky for me, they tolerate the whole Lindsay.  Saints, I tell you!

We got to do the fun stuff.  Corey's momma offered to pay for lunch at a casual bistro in our home town.

Shan and I set up.

Shan Setting Up
Shan is darling.  She also makes really cute diaper cakes.

Diaper Cake by Shannon
She'd look cute in potato sacks and paper bags.

She's a doctor.

I'm more impressed with her than she is with herself.  I like that she's humble, and so smart.  I do ask her medical stuff.  Free advice. Why not?!?  That's the perk of having a friend who's a doctor, right?

And I like that she still laughs at my ridiculous, dry, snarky humor.  And she has two darling pups and a super cool hubby.  

And this is Josh.

Delivery Boy
Josh is married to Lizzy.  We all went to high school together.  They started dating the last month of our senior year and went to senior ball together. 

They continued their relationship through college and got married!  They have one perfect daughter who looks just like her poppa and is an independent, strong willed wild child like me, Aunt Lindsay!  :)

Lizzy has been a very loyal friend.  She read the Irish Blessing at our wedding.  She is kind and sincere.  She is striking and always wears the most perfect colors for her skin, eyes and hair.  She is a pharmacist.  I also ask her for advice.  She is as equally humble as Shan.  I have smart friends.

Josh, her hubby, is funny.  He wears purple v-neck sweaterts, and is generally a very snazzy dresser, which my husband is impressed by!

Josh, Shan's hubby Sal and my hubby all get along really well.  We think it's funny we all married Asian boys.

Josh ran errands for us.  He picked up gourmet macaroons and cupcakes for the dessert table.  So sweet.  Pun intended.

The party was simple because it mostly entailed games, dessert and decorations.  We went with a puppy theme.  Everything was blue, brown or white.  I was happy with the way it all looked.
Sweets & Treats Dessert Table
Guestbook, Name Tags, Prizes & More
Gift Table
Snips and Snails & Puppy Dog Tails!

Simple Table Decorations
Support Crew: The Husbands!
I have to give a huge shout out to Shelby who took most of these photos.  She has an awesome camera.  And she is very creative.  We both love iced coffee.  And scrapbooking.  And animals.

Shelb lives on a farm.  Yes, a real working farm.

She's really good with kids.

We want her to marry an Asian boy too, so she can officially be in our club!  ;)


It was really fun afternoon.  We kept the activities light and simple.  The food was tasty.  The company was great.  And we had so much fun pulling this all together!

It's got me wondering who's next in line for becoming a momma...?

Happy Friday!


  1. Did you all 4 grow up in the same town? Long time friendships are golden!

    1. We did! Longtime friendships are the best indeed!


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