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Monday, July 30, 2012

let me introduce you...

This is Penny.
Penny is my "dog"hter. 
Every day she is a gift to my soul.
 In our house, we love animals.
When people ask what kind of dog Penny is, we say, and rather matter-of-factually, she is half Golden Retriever and half human.
It makes people smile.
Penny will be three years old in three short weeks.
Yes, we celebrate her birthday. Every year. 

Penny likes to go!
Have leash, will travel.
She likes the beach the best.  But any water excursions will do.
She knows lots of tricks.
20 different commands.
She is smart.
 Sometimes she likes to bum around.
And sometimes she's melancholy, like her Momma.
But mostly, she loves her family, dinner time, Frisbee with Grandpa, snuggles with Momma, extra special treats from Grammy, and being Velcro Dog to her Daddy!
Sometimes when she's scared of storms, she crawls in my lap... all 68 pounds of her.  And she won't let go until the storm passes. I'm not joking.  She hangs on for dear life.
I'd be lying if I said I minded.
Anyway, sometimes you just need your Momma.
I can relate.
Nap time.
The dog days of summer...
The dog whisper would be so angry. 
She sleeps in our bed and like a human (on her back, legs in the air).
She snuggles Daddy at night and Momma in the morning.  
She keeps me warm in the winter and too warm in the summer.  But I cannot resist that little sleeping beauty.  
She is amazing and I love her.
Penny is a pirate.
She love to steal dirty laundry, remotes, phones... and tease you just until you wanna chase her.  Works every time when we bribe her for a trade. Treats for remotes.
I gave up aggravation long ago!
She is very tolerant of me and photos.
 And also kisses.

Penny is wonderful!
She is always down for the cause and up for a good time.
Sisters got soul!
And she saved my life.  She brought me back!
She made J & I a family.
She made our humble house a into palatial home.
She is our whole world and we are the luckiest humans to be her parents!
Hugs, Squeezes & Wet Noses,


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