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Sunday, November 16, 2008

cookie ornies...

Take a peeksie of my newest Etsy additions (click the pic to view item in store):
set of 6 gingerbread men ornaments, non-edible
set of 10 holly leaf ornaments, non-edible
set of 6 snowflake ornaments, non-edible
set of 6 candy cane ornaments, non-edible

They are just adorable!!!  I have them all over my "sweets" Christmas tree.  I can't get enough of them.  I made my Momma an early Christmas present of 24 different ornaments.  She just loves them and plans to use some in apothecary jars, old-fashioned candy jars and on festive plates in her Christmas decor.  

Do you love these?  Want to order some?  I make Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, stars, hearts, bells, scalloped edged diamonds, and much more in any amount and in any color.  Most are made with vintage, green handled cookie and biscuit cutters which adds to its incredibly unique and nostalgic appeal! 



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