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Thursday, February 07, 2008

a beginning...

Creativity comes in many packages. My mother’s aesthetic creativity is stunning. She, like my grandmother, can make a purse out of not just a sow’s ear, but anything that can be sewn and embellished. Her mastery can only be described as perfect, impeccable.

My father's creativity appetizing. His passion for cooking turns out delicious creations daily. "You eat with your eyes," he says, as he delicately places grape tomatoes in a symmetrical pattern around the taco salad he has effortlessly created from ingredients he has on hand and a dressing idea he's altered from those fancy Food Network chefs.  All told, he's probably better than most of them--an opinion he attributes to me merely "being accustomed" to his cooking.
My creativity is a culmination of practice-makes-perfect moments, mess up, and personal interests. I heavily rely on my world, my friends, my pup and hubby and my parents for continuing inspiration and ideas. I find my true creative passion is, and has always been, baking. I also weirdly like to clean and organize. I'm not suggesting those are creative endeavors, however. Sure I have a lovely apartment, tastefully (I think) crafted from things I love. Sure I like to entertain for small groups of friends. True I love to scrapbook, craft and take photos. But, baking, it fuels my soul.

Cupcakes offer the structure of baking and the creativity in flavors, toppings and decorations. I happened upon the cupcake craze early, before it reached its pinnacle of fanaticism. My grandmother is whom I owe my affinity for baking. Her attention to detail, precision and knowledge of traditional baking applications were amply supplied to me through countless baking sessions as a child on her twice annual visit at Christmas and in the summer. These skills came to fruition early--I was entering multiple baked goods in both the county and state fair before I was 10 (a few blue ribbons to boast about too!).
I should tell you that this blog’s theme is life and creativity, not cupcakes. Here, on this blog, I will humbly aim to share my passion not only for baking, but for living a creative and inspired life.  Thanks for taking a few to get to know a little bit about me... and my VIPs too!



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