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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the bag lady...

My parents tell it well--the story of me, as a toddler: "The Bag Lady!"
As a child, if I didn't have at least 3 or 4 bags filled with lots of junk trailing behind me in my every adventure, then you could find me surrounded in a sea of crayons and paper, sitting beneath my bedroom window in the afternoon sunlight, happy as a lark.
To this day, I still love coloring (crafting, scrapbooking, creating) and I still love bags. I'm not necessarily a "purse" person, although I have plenty. I do like purses. Nice purses. Pretty purses. Functional purses. Big purses. 
But bags, I love me some bags. I have an African market basket in the trunk of my car to hold strictly my reusable grocery totes.
Much to my delight, my co-worker gave me an amazing tan grocery tote with an adorable design. I love it. It has a website, so I checked it out. It's an amazing clothing line with fun stuff. The point is, however, that totes lead to such great things in life. They carry food safely from the market to the kitchen. Totes carry goodies from the craft store to a studio. They carry lunch from home to work. They carry hopes and dreams.  Wow.  That was epic. Ha!
Who knew, decades later, that I'd still love me some bags!?!


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