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Monday, July 28, 2008

a carnival in venice...

A magical place, Strauss Island, has been taking audiences away for over 20 years in the backdrop of the tiny island, the skies twinkling stars and the sounds of a 32-piece orchestra playing the compositions of Johann Strauss. This year, we were "whisked away to a carnival at the piazza amid the watery streets of Venice." Each year our blanket is laid reserving our space for the evening's festivities, a picnic is packed with delicious delicacies and we are prepared to go into a dreamland of waltz. The costumes, handmade, fit each performer perfectly. The set is creatively designed in a unique fashion. The dancers have tediously prepared each step. A welcome addition to this year performance: an Italian singer, fire performers, acrobats, and clowns! And of course, every year the story is about two young lovers... 
My favorite part of the whole performance was seeing my 7th grade computer teacher in a gypsy outfit with a gold earring. He looked soooooo whimsical... which is in great contrast to the semi-uptight teacher I knew years ago.  It truly made the evening and I've never laughed so hard!
What a delightful way to spend a Sunday evening under the stars!


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