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Monday, February 16, 2009

a busy little bee...

Here is the thing: I am busy.

It's clear I haven't been on the blog circuit, chatting up what's new. But, I have good reason. I am ridiculously busy! Seriously busy!

Among the "normal" life things we all do (grocery shop, eat, sleep, clean, do laundry), I have been VERY busy with work. I have also been coaching freshman girls basketball since November. Two hours + 7 days/week + 2 other coaches + 10 lovely freshman girls = amazing experience.

We finished out season on Friday. After a VERY annoyingly reffed game by "
Buzzy," the girls gave us the most gorgeous bouquet of flower and a card thanking us for a great season. If you know me in the slightest, you know I tend to be fairly emotional anyway. But after four months of living and breathing basketball with these girls, and more importantly giving them everything I could (confidence, encouragement, advice, tips, consequences, smiles...) I can't believe that I walked away feeling so blessed. In every experience working with youth, I always gain a better understanding of young people and myself. This experience was no different. In fact, this experience was easily in my top 10. My heart overflowed with not only immense pride for how far each girl has come, but also for how deeply they touched my heart. I will miss seeing them everyday... So, a deep feeling of gratitude to the girls freshman basketball team. You rocked my socks!!!

Secondly, I am in full blown wedding planning mode. My word! Planning a wedding is ALOT of work. Thank the good, good Lord for my wonderful mother. Although she has been as equally stressed with her rigorous work load, she has been by my side at EVERY wedding planning juncture. It's been fun, more recently, but all and all, it has just been so much work. Maybe now that basketball is over and my big work event is done, I'll enjoy wedding planning a little more. :)

So, that's where I have been.



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