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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

smart vs. sexy...

In a very interesting and stimulating conversation with my coworker in the break room today, we discussed intelligent people and their sensitivity. Apparently, intelligent people are also very sensitive. I got me thinking about this:


I would rather be smarter (although I probably need the more sexy thing more). I just can't figure out the whole sexy thing. I guess it's equal parts of not caring enough, not knowing how and not believing that being sexy really matters to my the core of who I am. This is not so say that I don't, in small parts, envy sexy people. I think its a whole other skill that incorporates confidence and embodies self-enthusiasm (I have both, but for different reasons). Like I said, I just don't care enough and, admittedly, I am a little bit of a tom boy and a little bit lazy. 

I think, as far as sexiness is concerned, I was raised and rewarded for achievements in academics and athletics. My parents didn't really care how I looked as long as I was healthy and clean. I feel very blessed is this regard. The pressure of looking perfect all the time and constantly working to look good--I'd bet all of my savings that my innards, my well-intentioned heart and my hardworking brain, are pretty darn good looking. ;)
I feel grateful that I have a home, food, a job and my family and friends!!! Even better than being smarter or sexier, I feel blessed for those things!!!



  1. hmmm...i know that i should say smarter, but since i am so goofy, i think my answer is that i would like to be a little sexier. :) Once sexier, i could work on getting a tad smarter....lol...i love this game. you rock Lindsay!! :)

  2. I would rather be a little smarter. I think there are so many small, easy steps you can do to make yourself sexier. And really, I only want to be sexy about 1% of the time. Being smarter would take more work and because I am lazy, I would just want a fairy to sprinkle me with smart dust and then I would be smart!


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