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Friday, August 21, 2009


Only 51 days until J & I say "I Do!" We're both getting excited and sometimes share a private moment of giddy for the party that will ensue. It's dazzling to think about all of our closest friends and family in one place, for one purpose, just for us. It's an indulgence I can't believe we are fortunate enough to experience.

It's been, as I've alluded to in previous posts, a frantic, stressful, emotionally draining year for J and I. I'm glad that the overwhelming, heaping stresses in our lives have, despite a few blow-outs, brought us closer. We've been pushed to grow and change. But we've also relied on each other. I am more in love with him today than I would have ever thought possible on May 5, 2004 when I first noticed him sitting on the futon with Harry at my best friend's apartment in college.

J is my anchor and my compass. I don't tell him or show him very often, but I'd be lost without him. His constant belief in me, respect for me, the ways he makes me laugh and reminds me of my beautiful imperfections--he's imperfectly perfect for me!!!

I appreciate our passion for the things we love. Him: comic books, food, entertaining, family, video games, movies, yard work, me... Me: baking, cooking, decorating, entertaining, family, crafting, wine, Fall, JPo... I can't wait to marry him and more importantly, I can't wait until we're both happy and able to spend more time together.

All of our existing stresses in addition to other stupid stuff as stunted my creativity as of late. If I'm not able to bake something, bead something or craft something on a regular basis, I am not a happy camper. So when our director asked Michelle and I to work on our display board for out organizations annual recognition event, I happily escaped into a world of making something wonderful on the cheap. I can't begin to describe the deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment I felt looking at the finished product. I felt a little glimmer of my old self peeking out. It was wonderful.

Here a few pix from the event:

A plain little box was transformed into a "Ransom" candy box.
Our table and display board.
My co-worker Sal, searching for the "gold nugget." Our team would have won raffle tickets had he found it, but no such luck! Good try Sal!
Our display won second place! YEEEHAAA!
Michelle, my work besty, won the entertainment basket in the raffle! Yea Michelle!!!
I wore my authentic cowgirl giddy up to the recognition. It was a fun day! It makes this normal, boring Friday seem extra long!

Happy weekend!

Hugs & Squeezes,


  1. I look possessed by the devil in that picture!!! Hooray for weddings and work appreciation days. Can't wait for October...probably.


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