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Thursday, September 03, 2009

so, so, so blessed...

Despite the ridiculousness that is my life of late, I am so, so, so blessed. I had a crazy busy week at work. It was mostly frustrating with a side of difficult. But, now that it's over, the big important document is FedExed and I am at my cousin's house blogging, thinking about my weekend, I realize, I am so, so, so blessed.

Rather than pontificate about my week of crazy, I will tell you a few fabulous things that emerged this week.

1. I had the joy of chomping down chips and salsa from Chili's with my work besty... who is really the best besty ever!! She just cracks me up! Thank the good, good Lord for her. How would I survive my 9-5 five without her?

2. I've always been a journaler. My current journal was started January 1, 2007. I started from the beginning last night and read about New Year's Eve 2006. My fiance's brother, sister, sister-in-law and I all go out for a nice dinner and drinks on New Year's. We've had this tradition for 3 or 4 years now. As I read about NYE 2006, I was reminded how young I was, but how old I felt. I wrote about the blossoming relationships I was forming with each of Jason's siblings. Looking back, I am so glad I have such a pure heart and real love of family. I don't know if I'd have the energy to start those relationships all over again. I rather like not being "new" anymore. I like knowing what I know. I like being smart, knowing who everyone is, what they think of me... In one month, that is my family by law.

3. I had the most amazing snack at my cousin's house. Have you had those Emerald's Chocolate Almonds. Wholly moly. They are fabulous and only 100 calories. Thank you Aunt Kim for your fantastic taste in snacks!

4. Last night I was unloading all my woes to my 17 year old cousin. I am much older than her. But she sat there, quietly, patiently listening to everything I said, pitching in her thoughts every once and awhile. I can't believe how grown up she is. A senior in high school!?!? You have got to be kidding me! How time flies. Like my mom always said to me, I wish I could put shrinking potion on her and make her 5 forever! Although, having a teenager tolerate you and sometimes even enjoy your company is pretty cool!

5. Thank the good, good Lord for my Matron of Honor. She is the most fabulous human being!!! I have GREAT taste in friends! ;)

Ok... that's really all I have for now.

Hugs & Squeezes,


  1. 1. Chips and Salsa bring people together. I purple puffy pink heart you too, WB.

    2. I love looking back at old journals. I wrote one during my Italy trip right after I met the hubs and it is fun reading all of my first date excitement.

    3. My sister's house always has ice cream.

    4. High schoolers are smart. They know all about the drama

    5. I like her too.


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