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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

bridal shower cupcakes...

Yesterday was my wonderful co-worker's work wedding shower that I co-planned with a few other people (also her last day as she's getting married Saturday, 6/7/08). She absolutely glowed. We had lots of pizza, the bride's favorite, and, of course, we cleaned up her registry by purchasing all of her towels.

Weddings are a blessing. They are an amazing time for fellowship and a glimpse into the people's lives. Two people are joined forever, ideally. I love to watch the groom's face as the bride walks down the aisle. I love the families, the cake, the energy of the day. Most of all, I love to support my friends who are getting married on what is the beginning of a new adventure. I am a nut for weddings! Not a 27 Dresses kind of a nut though.

As for my co-worker, I am so excited for her. She is an amazing person who brightens every one of my work days with humor and support.  In her honor, I made cupcakes for her work shower. She loves Italy. Naturally, Italian wedding cupcakes were the cake of choice. The recipe, however, calls for coconut and pineapple. This also celebrates her honeymoon to Maui (and ditching me for another week at work... she's my cubicle neighbor).
Anywho, they were fantastic--easily in my top 5 list of favorite cupcakes!



  1. AWwwwwww I feel so special. Thanks for blogging about my shower. And me. I cant wait for Saturday!!!!!


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