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Thursday, July 18, 2013

breaking in new shoes...

I wear an 11W shoe. Yep, ELEVEN WIDE!  I know, I know. Huge feet! Like my tall body, I think my feet had to be big because I have lots to do in life and I need adequately sized feet to get me there. That's my optimistic self.

Now, realistic self has to tell you how unbelievably difficult it is to find freaking shoes that fit, and fit comfortably. Hence a post about breaking in shoes.

I got new, pretty, mint flats that have been sitting in the box because I just loathe the breaking in process. So when I got home today, I thought, "Today is the day, mint flats!"  Here are my easy three tips for breaking in shoes:

1 Well, blisters suck. So, I try to avoid them at all costs, especially because I walk alot in my job. So initially I wear them in short spurts.  I'm talking 2-3 minutes.  Just like exercise, I increase the wear time little by little.  And because I can't really buy shoes in the store (see my opening statements about my giant Yeti feet), I am often taking a risk on an shoe from an online store. That initial wear can be so deceiving because most shoes don't hurt at first. Hence, little by little, aquatint yourself to those puppies!

2 When the rare occasion of new shoes happens in my life, I always wear them around the house for those short spurts mentioned in tip one. Recently I wore a shinny, new pair of nude snake skin pumps to fold and put away laundry.  Hubster was curious because I was also rockin' a t-shirt and gym shorts... so I looked super classy! Ha! But wearing them around the house in little spurts can really help your shoes loosen up, and your feet get use to the new shoes... and when/if they start hurting, just trade them out for your slippers! 

3 I always wear socks with my new shoes, if they'll fit.  Flats can be tough, because usually they fit a little tighter.  But with pumps, I always wear socks as I implement steps one and two. It gives an added layer of protection from blisters, and helps stretch shoesies just enough to more comfy!

I think these tips are pretty easy, and they've really saved my feet!

Happy Thursday!



  1. I'm really enjoying your new spurt of posts! Keep up the good work! RE shoes, I have lots of trouble too! I know, my feet are small, but their wide with super high arches and this weird bump in the middle. So I have two things I do that help me.
    1. I rub body glide on my feet if I think I'm gonna get blisters. (This is mostly for running, but sounds like it could help when breaking in shoes too.)
    2. With tennis shoes in particular, I lace them up in such a way that the laces don't cross over my hump. Like this http://armyamy.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/i-lace-it-like-that/
    If I don't do this my feet lose circulation, its not fun. Anyways, you probably don't have hunchback feet like me, but spread the word to anyone who does because I really wish I knew about this trick like 20 years ago.

    Miss you Cuz

    1. Great tips, Cuz!! Thanks for sharing & enjoying all your news too re: the house renovations! Exciting times!!! XOXOs!!

  2. I am also loving all of these posts! I feel ya, I wear 10W and shoes are the WORST to break in. I tend to just find a pair that i love and never change them. I like your method of socks and around the house...i may have to try that out!

    1. I feel ya Heidi! I think that's why there's that old saying about an old shoe... Old, comfy, broken in shoes are the best!!! But not as good as robes and slippers, or being bare footed on the grass. :)


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