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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

new year, renewed motivation...

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Everyone likes something new! A new house. A new car. A new love. A new piece of furniture. So why not embrace a new year. This is your chance to enjoy your new life again. You can look at every new year as a reminder to put the past behind and move forward into your goals and dreams. So what if we looked at the new year as a chance to have renewed motivation!

Commitments are heightened because of the new perspective...

Remember when your love relationship was new? There was no end to your love. You truly thought you could and would be that loving way forever. I remember telling my soon-to-be husband that I would give him backrubs every night for the rest of his life. That is the kind of commitment you have when your relationship is new. The sad truth is…I stopped giving the nightly back rubs only a few months into our marriage. My husband often reminds me of my previous verbal commitment with the hopes that I will keep my word. At least, the aim was set high so now a few back-rubs a month are appreciated. Back-rubs might not have been a part of our routine without our “new perspective.” Just think, a half executed commitment is, at least, better than nothing.

You deserve something new...

Often times we apologize for having something new. When someone asks if we bought new clothes, we immediately say no. False humility only intimates others and makes them feel uncomfortable. Tell the person that it is new with a smile. Appreciate them for thinking of you. Everyone deserves to have NEW in their life. If you embrace the new part, then others will as well. You will inspire others to want a new perspective for themselves as well.

Let the “new” become your life-changer...

Many Americans have a hard time losing weight. I became a Weight Watcher leader in 2006. Today I am still a Weight Watcher leader. With commitment and hard work my “new” perspective on weight loss became my routine, my way of life. Routines become who you are!

Embracing a new year is a great truth to live by!!

Cara Lane
Communication Coach 

Cara Lane can be summed up in two words = infectious enthusiasm. Cara’s high energy, expressive style will be a joy to your learning on life. She has won the hearts of people and has become known nationally as “America’s Speaker Sweetheart.” She has also toured the world and has become an internationally known motivational speaker and trainer. Cara Lane is the award winning top trainer for the world’s leading seminar company. She's a leader an ambassador for Weight Watchers. Cara has given over 10,000 hours of instruction on communication training.


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