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Thursday, June 18, 2009

don't drop the salmon...

And finally, the food tasting! Although I was minimally involved in today's shoot, I did enjoy it (just not the ridiculous drive to Granite Bay!). I am amazed at the way Darsha, the reporter, is able to keep calm while interviewing, getting ready to ask a question, balancing multiple guests and flying Salmon... yup, flying salmon. About 95% of the way through the interview we all walked over to the buffet to talk about the food, only the salmon was missing. So another chef brought the salmon over to where we were standing. She handed the platter to the main chef, Troi. But Troi didn't know it was hot, nor did she have pot holders. Oops! There went the salmon... almost. She recovered. Caught the dish and was able to put it on the table just in time for the shoot to be over.

Here are some photos from today:
Prepping for the next live shot.
Green salad with edible flower petals. Yum!
Macadamia nut crusted salmon, baked (not a huge salmon fan personally, but it was pretty tasty). These are the surviving salmon!
These fingerling potatoes were really, really tasty. I could taste the caramelized garlic and rosemary. So delicious!
Dried pear with a mixture of cream cheese, blue cheese and walnuts and a lone pistachio nut. No going to lie--these were absolutely, ridiculously amazing. Plus, I got to try it on air and sneak in a mini shout-out to my wine-loving parents! Whoot!
Well, that's all for today. One more day of celebrity and then I'm back to being a commoner. Ha!



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