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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

weddings vs. marriage...

It's day three of being a local "celebrity!"

Thanks to those who emailed and called to say they've seen me on TV. Nice to know you're all out there watching, even if it is on DVR in the evenings! ;)

Today was "Party Rentals on the Cheap." It's a nice theory, but I'm my mother's daughter. Translation: I never like the cheapest things. Inevitably, I like the upper end stuff. The shoot was great though. It was fun pretending that I could have anything in the whole place... even if it was just from 8-9 a.m. this morning! It was a beautiful show room with tons of choices.

Take a peek at some quick snapshots:
main show room

preset tables to give customers ideas

flowers for the shoot
linen choices on the wall
my on-air wedding table
chocolate ranunculas & pink sweet peas
pretty bouquet with pinks and greens
interesting & unique flower option
the camera guy proving he could fold
news lady folding napkins
Of my vendors, the two vendors I like the most are the florist and my photographer. Because my flower lady is amazing, I know my flowers will be stunning. I can tell that Stefanie is super creative--a visionary really. Plus, she feels like a friend after just one meeting a few phone calls. Isn't that how it should feel? I think so!

The same goes with the photographer. I saw her work. She did a friend's wedding last fall. I inquired with my friend about the photographer, called her for an appointment and the minute I walked into her studio, I liked her. We talked for a half hour about life before ever discussing the wedding. It really felt like we were long lost friends. Plus, I love, love, love her work!!! I guess its their whole job to woe potential clients. I get that and maybe both the photographer and the florist are faking it. Maybe they think I am the worlds most annoying person ever. To be honest, I don't care. It's about this special day for Penguin (the fiance) and I. I hope they are sincerely friendly, but if I'm just another bride to them, they certainly are not just two ordinary people to me. They are an integral part of the beginning of our dreams coming true. And that, my dear friends, matters.

Having said that however, wedding industry people like brides to think that the little details make or break your wedding. That isn't so. I'm talking specifically about party rentals, food, alcohol, favors and invitations, the little things that add up in a big way. And I think that's why I've busted my tail to be a part of this shoot.  I have to work late all week and take some vacation, of which I have little and am trying to save for the wedding and honeymoon to make up the time. This is an important story to tell. "Weddings on the Cheap" is particularly timely, but true even when the economy isn't bad. It's just the first day of your marriage.

The mother of my maid-of-honor emailed me shortly after our engagement to congratulate us. She also reminded us that this day is just one day and truly its all about the marriage and the life you're creating together, not only the wedding. I think alot of people miss this point and are let down when the big day is over. Industry people want your money. They want you to stretch and spend to create this most wonderful day ever.... but not for you, for them, for their commission, their benefit. Weddings are about the couple, their love and the friends and family who support them. Weddings should reflect the couple and if you take a step back and remember that its the first day of the REST of you marriage, you get what you need most of all: PERSPECTIVE.

Money can't buy a fiance who tells me I am beautiful EVERY morning. 

Money can't buy a fiance who tells me he loves me EVERY time we talk. 

Money can't buy a finance who knows my many weaknesses and embraces the things all the men before him tried to change or walked away from. 

Money can't buy a fiance who makes me laugh, really hard and often. 

And money can't buy a fiance who's whole goal in life is to make me happy and provide for us. 

Penguin is perfect for me... even when we're arguing about something stupid. He's still perfect for me! That is why, dear friends, our humble wedding will be reflect us. Sorry if you're expecting lavish linens, chair covers and ties, elaborate party favors and deluxe invites. Deal with it.



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