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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

happy birthday america...

As you know, I am big fan of America! I love this country. Maybe my deep passion for democracy, freedom, capitalism, etc. comes from my father who served this country honorably! The 4th of July is a celebration of God's country--the best country on the planet! I am deeply saddened by the direction we are headed under an awful, godless leader. Because of the economic climate and the lack of great leadership our country faces, this 4th had extra special significance for me. Here are a few photos from my parent's annual party:

I couldn't get this one on it's side, but it's my childhood wagon with fire crackers and Raggedy Ann & Andy (my Mom made them).
This is the pie station (which turned into a dessert station). My mom is TRULY talented! Isn't this beautiful!?!?! She made the pies too!The winners from the plunger/tp race. Pretty hysterical game!These are the (biased)judges at our first annual Throw Down. My dad & I should have won. He made blue cheese burgers with a caramelized grilled onion and spinach topping. I made snappy dogs (gourmet hot dogs) with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, smoked Gouda and bacon bits. Wholly moley! Both were ridiculously good!!!
It was a very happy 4th indeed. Don't forget the liberties you are afforded by living in this country. Don't take them forgranted. 


Hugs & Squeezes,


  1. Looks like a festive time!! Preach on, sister!!!

  2. Sweet Bean, thanks for sharing your 4th of July pix and your thoughts about our country! I couldn't agree more!


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