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Friday, July 03, 2009

our house...

It's been just about two weeks since Penguin and I became home owners. So far, so good... except the merging of belongings. We couldn't have more polar opposite styles. He loves dark, black, modern, Asian influenced furniture accented with comic books, trades and giant comic book art. I adore old furniture, painted. I love cake plates, white pitches, picture frames, flowers, pink, white, ribbon, bow, buttons, cupcakes, glitter, birds.... You see the conflict?

Thus far, I have agreed to keep my style in the guest bed and bath room (and mostly because we already have the items and furniture to fill them). As for the master bed and bath, it should definitely reflect both of us. We are going for dark brown, mahogany furniture accented with a soft steel and blue & gold
. No complaints from either of us here, although it is much more Penguin's style than mine. I love the bedding we picked though. The colors are gender neutral, but the design is beautiful and elegant.

The living room is being designed to show off the complete china set my Grandma is giving us for our wedding. It's also the same china she and my Grandfather collected when they got married over 50 years ago. Its GORGEOUS! So, no problems there either (and even if there was, I won't budge because I LOVE, HONOR, and CHERISH family heirlooms!). Oh, and the furniture we will be slowly purchasing for the room is from IKEA.
The kitchen was pretty easy. I am more than willing to work in more masculine(ish) colors. About 6 months ago I began paring down my pink kitchen stuff and collecting all white pieces. I love it, actually. It's clean and timeless. And best of all, it goes with anything. We love our kitchen cabinets too and plan to paint the walls a pretty khaki/tan/beige color. Again, no disagreements. Penguin picked the refrigerator and the updated knobs for the cabinets. I like what he picked!!!

He wants leather couches for the living room. I'm fine with that too (when did I become to surprisingly flexible? Is this was maturity feels like?). Here is the only issue. I want the gorgeous oak built-in cabinets that flank the fireplace to be filled with pretty things (not feminine things mind you) and shared items, like keepsakes, wedding mementos, photos, etc. He wants to fill them up with comic books. Ug. I asked him, "What if I filled it with glitter, fake flowers and pink stuff? How would you feel?" He didn't like the sound of that. I'm not opposed to some comic books. It could be cool and tasteful. They're just not gonna blow up the whole space, yo! But we both agree we want a Starbucky lounge for a living room though. The thing he's missing is the lack of comic books at actual Starbucks. Ha, ha. Also, if you see a random guy in the corner, that's Sam, our Barista. We bought him to enhance the ambiance. ;)

Also, I should mention that two and half years ago I bought all black office furniture with Penguin in mind. I knew black was more his taste than white. And, I will usually default to practical when it comes to large purchases. That room will have two to three of Penguin's framed comic book pieces on the wall (per my request), Penguin's black chair and mini ottoman (my idea), and his Asian lantern (also my idea). I am REALLY trying here. Why the heck is he resisting on the living room thing when I am the intuitive decorator AND when the woman usually has this job?!?! Even if he gave me FULL REIN to do whatever I wanted, I would NEVER make it all pink, white, glittery, girlie love nest. That's what the guest bedroom is for! Can't wait for Penguin's guy friends to come stay in the pink room! Ha, ha!

Anywhoodles, that's my rant. Hopefully Penguin won't read this. Penguin, if you do read this, I love you and you need to trust me. I have been VERY compromising and I have a vision. Let me be your wife (to be) and create a home for us. It's my thing and I will make it lovely and reflective of us. I promise!

Hugs & Squeezes,

P.S. Penguin also picked the patio furniture, which I love. He has good taste... he just needs to give me some opportunity to show him what I can do for our little home!!! :)


  1. I can't wait to see your house! It is going to be so much fun for you guys to decorate together. I bet it will look amazing!

  2. I gotta say that I completely understand your compromising for the greater good of the relationship while of course remaining true to your sense of style and design. I, too, would love to have a pink kitchen, but realize that there are two of us living there. But, you gotta admit that sometimes you just have to veto their ideas, because really, they still are boys at heart.



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