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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

patio dining...

Last night, when I got home, I noticed that Penguin finished building the patio furniture we bought. The two chairs have been done for a while. Yesterday he finished building the love seat and table. I rushed over to the sliding glass door, pulled back the curtains and squealed with delight. It was beautiful.

Nestled under the purple wisteria covered awning was this cozy and private little world. Penguin had taken my vintage candle holder and put it on top of the table and arranged the seating around the table. A few weeks ago he suggested stringing twinkle lights under the awning. It's magical without the twinkle lights. I can only imagine it with the twinkle lights: BLISS!

An hour passed before J called. I spent the time ironing some curtains, getting them ready to hang. When we spoke live, J told me he was bringing a load of stuff from my apartment back to the house and suggested I go pick up some food. Instantly I thought: we should eat on the patio. Before I could say it, he did. I squealed with delight again and immediately jumped in the car to go pick up food!

When we moved into our home, the grocery store closest to us sent us a coupon for a free dinner. Sounds good to me! I went the grocery store and inquired about the coupon at the deli. The deli man walked me around the store and helped me pick the rotisserie chicken (I chose garlic!), the two sides (coleslaw is J's favorite, and I like baked beans) and Hawaiian sweet rolls. All free! Really, it was free! I also picked up a bag of salad. It was a perfect dinner without all the slaving in the kitchen. After all, we still have more stuff to bring over from my apartment.

J peeked in the grocery bag when I got home. "Oh, yum," he said. "How much did all this cost?" I said, "$3." Penguin is also impressed. He smiled, said "That's my girl!" and went out front to water the plants while I prepped dinner.

So far, it was a dream scenario--one of those moments you praise God for your blessings. I was humming around the kitchen making dinner in my home with J in the front tending to the yard.

A few moments later, J came to the back patio. There were plates and bowls of food every where. We were stunted by the lack of space on our little table. He commented that a tray of cheeses and a bottle of wine are the perfect servings for the patio! I agreed. All in all, it was a lovely dinner. Without television or music, we were able to slow down and catch up with each other. It was so nice!

Looking toward the house and patio. Note the sun burnt Japanese maple. Poor little guy.
Our romantic feast for two with a huge side of hose. Ha, ha!
Our delicious and mostly free meal.
I hope you are able to enjoy a meal outdoors with your special loved one!

Hugs & Squeezes,


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