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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

penguin strikes again...

For those who follow my blog (Mom, Michelle and Heidi), you know about the notorious Penguin. You know that we bought a house and that we've had a few little hurdles as we make it our own. You know that he and I couldn't have more opposite taste. However, you will be proud to know that Penguin was trusted with the decision of choosing our living room furniture (yea for micromanaging me!), and he succeeded!

We spent four tired, hungry, hypoglycemic hours meandering the floors of local furniture show rooms. Some highlights include the weird staulkerish man who ignored Jason completely and awkwardly checked me out (Jason always gets a kick out of how black men love me) but didn't speak to either of us as he followed us around the show room. Another highlight was Costco where all the show pieces were being occupied by people. Every single piece had people on them (Penguin's culture has been disgraced!), reading books and magazines sitting in them. We were soooo irritated that I finally plopped my big butt down next to an older man and his father. They bounced up a little from my cushion's sudden absorption of the shock of my weight. They both looked over at me in dismay. Are you kidding me!?!? Don't let me interrupt your reading... at COSTCO ON A SHOW PIECE!!! Idiots! My favorite, however, was the lady who was reading about Jessica Simpson in a People magazine while her four toddler children played aimlessly in the aisle. I am soooo intolerant to this total, clueless lack of consideration for others. ANNOYING!!!

Then, on our last stop, we found it: THE LIVING ROOM SET. Jason know right away. So did I, but I acted indifferent and neutral. "Whatever you think," I said. "It's your decision." We walked around the rest of the GIGANTIC show room. Nothing was as nice as the set we had just seen. Nothing could beat the quality or the price. Finally, I asked Penguin, "Is that the set?" "Yes," he said, "I have to make an executive decision. It's the one." Secretly, I knew it too. But I wanted him to know how much his leadership and decision-making is important to me. Plus, it's not exactly what I would have if I had my girl bachelorette pad, but is exactly what I wanted for our living room. Like I told Penguin, it's masculine and striking, but cozy and warm. And get this gals, Penguin suggested white pillows to accent it. Are you kidding? Has he really come to my side of decorating? Indeed!
Penguin loved the antique mirror with a white frame that I put above the fire place a few days ago. I didn't ask first. I just did it. I tend to do that. I try something out, see if I like it. If I do, it stays, if I don't it moves somewhere else. The frame was the changing force for the room. Now he wants to tastefully incorporate some of his comic books in the bookshelves and accent with pops of cream and white (easy enough since I've been collecting white porcelain pieces (thank you Mom & Martha Stewart) for the last year or so with our future home in mind). Wholly moley. I am soooo glad I things played out like they did; rather than pouting and demanding my way (sage advice from my mother!), I let Penguin work through his wants until he realized what would actually be nice, neutral and comfy in the space.

So Penguin, although you think you are a great decorator and I've disagreed to this point, you are coming around. Thank you for picking such fabulous couches all by yourself. You've done a marvelous job with all your selections to date! But don't forget, I get 100% creative license on the dining room! You promised!

Enjoy the photos of our new set (couch not included).
Hugs & Squeezes,


  1. Oh yes! Those look comfy but manly enough for a male penguin to enjoy. :)

  2. i LOVE these couches!!! :) very very very nice!


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