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Thursday, July 16, 2009

we love coldplay...

There is something life affirming about live music. It's like your life is television with the mute on and suddenly you're at a concert and someone pushes the mute button and your life goes from silent to volume 30.

Honestly, I can't believe I haven't seen Coldplay in concert before now. They are one of my top ten favorite bands. When you consider that I've been to 9 Dave Matthews Band concerts, naturally you'd assume that I would have been to at least once Coldplay concert before now. When I read on my co-workers blog that she was going to Coldplay, I commented to ask how she got such great seats. She called me twenty minutes later to tell me she wanted me to go as her guest. "SHUT UP!!! Are you serious?" Needless to say, I was THRILLED!!! The count down to the concert began....

Finally, Tuesday, Coldplay day... the day my life would get a whole lot better. All day I had trouble focusing. I listened to Viva la Vida softly at my desk. The anticipation was killing me!

I told my friend Michelle (wearing green) we'd be taking photos at each milestone of the concert going experience. As promised, I did. I felt like my mom, who took pictures at each and every one of my milestones: every first day of school, my first day of work at my first job, every dance, etc. I guess her legacy lives on in me to the inth degree! Thank you digital cameras!

Here are some photos from the adventure:
Tickets in hand, locking the door as we leave for the concert.
A yummy meal at Jack's Urban Eats was a great start to the evening!
Is this the way to V.I.P. parking?
Blurry, but beautiful!
"And it was all yellow!"
This concert was magical. Absolutely breathtaking!

Coldplay if you're on LSD.
The sweet shower of butterfly confetti.
The stage: VIVA!
So, so, sooooo sad that it's over. I could go to a Coldplay concert every day. It was amazing!

THANK YOU MICHELLE!!! You are truly a great friend... Coldplay concert or not!!! My life would be boring and lonely without you!

Hugs & Squeezes,


  1. My are my boobs in every.single.picture? Hooray for Coldplay!!!! I'm so glad we shared a moment...or 10 together!


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