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Friday, August 02, 2013

the best things in life are free...

Have you ever heard of "love languages?"  I read a book a few years ago that helped me own my love languages: gifts and recognition.  At first I felt guilty, like I was that superficial person always needing compliments and presents... but it's more than that.  I try to explain to Hubster that it's less about the cost of a gift, and more about the thought. My example is always a $1 pack of pink gum. If he, or anyone, bought that for me and said, "Lindsay, I know how much you love pink, and you have a bubbly personality like gum bubbles, so I bought you this $1 pack of gum!" I would be thrilled!  What a kind and thoughtful gesture.  Equally, I don't need constant praise to feel valued and important.  But if I've done a job well done, or you like the cupcakes I baked you, or you think I'm a good listener, I sure appreciate hearing it.  

In the spirit of my own love languages, I tend to love others with gifts of thought and meaningful praise.  I'm a heart-on-my-sleeve kinda girl. I think that makes me strong that I love people so much that I think of them with thoughtful gifts.  And that I can share what I feel when I see something I like (and things I don't always like too!).  So what if I cry in movie previews, and I stop to rescue any animal I see that may be in need! I'm sensitive, and my besties make fun of me for it. I'm an easy target because I am likely to cry at almost anything... but I'm true to myself and my very own, unique heart song.

In the spirit of Friendship Day, which is on Sunday, August 4, I brainstormed a simple list of free and inexpensive gifts to share with your friends:
·Give them a smile just cuz
·Write a note of thanks or praise (and send it via snail mail!)
·Help them carry something, move a piece of furniture or clean their house
·Call them!
·Listen, without interruption
·Pick someone wildflowers
·Tell them a joke
·Write a love letter (ideally for your partner, not your friend, bu hey, I'm not judgin!)
·Give them a cherished possession

·Bake or cook something to share
·Praise them publicly for something more than their appearance
·Thank them for a job well done, or maybe for being a GREAT friend (I thank my friends for putting up with me)
·Give them a hug

·Spend time with them
·Do an errand or chore for them
·Just say "I love you!"
·Make them a cup of Joe (this is a easiest way to my heart!)
·Make a list of things you love/appreciate about them
·Give a back rub/scratch or play with their hair

·Offer to pick up lunch for them while you’re out
·Forgive them, even if it's something small, forgive!

Happy friendship day to all my beautiful friends!

Love you so,


    Its the little things that mean so much.
    A little gesture to show u care - B-)
    That u r thought of once in a while
    Not every day for but sometimes.

    1. Couldn't agree with you more!! Happy Friday!!


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